Communication Practice between Taiwan and Japan: The Language Practice of Agricultural Food Education

3/9 Topic: [Taiwan-Japan Agricultural Sociology Survey] 

3/16 Topic: [China-Taiwan Food Exchange] 

3/23 Topic: [Practical Experience in Art Design and Food and Agriculture Education]

4/6 Topic: [Concept and practical experience of Kyushu Food Culture Support Group]

4/13 Topic: [Concept and Practice of Field Work] 

4/27 Topic: [Concept and Practice of Community Design] 

5/11 Topic: [Agricultural Innovation Practice Experience Sharing]

5/25 Topic: [Practical Experience of Adventurous Rice Organic Farming] 

6/1 Topic: [Stone Farming Educational Concept and Practical Experience of Wuchun Studio] 6/22 Topic: [Practical experience from non-toxic to organic]

Event Time

2020.03.09(Mon) - 2020.06.22(Mon)

12:00 - 12:00


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