Past Events

Second Conference of the NCNU Taiwan-Japan Teachers Social Group — Shinshu Experience

The conference focused on a publication of Profession Yasuto Hayashi, Shinshu University. The publication’s topic was how Professor Hayashi planned specialty courses for Shinshu University.

資料來源 | 國立暨南國際大學

108-2nd Semester Taiwan-Japan Teachers Social Group: Introduction of Five Publications from Five Japanese Universities Regarding Regional Revitalization

Five book summaries were presented in the conference held on April 15th, 2020. Publications originated from Shinshu University, Kochi University, Niigata University, the University of Hyogo and Chuo University. These five books were selected as potential teaching materials.

資料來源 | 國立暨南國際大學

"Shinshu 100 Year Business Program" ~Make a New History for the Next 100 years~

Shinshu University has embarked the "Shinshu 100 Year Business Program" as a new local vitalization project for the next generations, aiming the settlements of core human resources through practical recurrent education.

資料來源 | 信州大學