Cheuyoulan River

Nantou County, Shuili Township, Sanbukeng (Shang An) Nantou County, Sinyi Township, Feng-Chu Village Wild Brook
Current LocationCheuyoulan River

Cheuyoulan River, once called Tan-liu-lan-khe, is an important river located in Nantou County, Taiwan. It originates in Batongguan, on the east side of the North Peak of Mt. Jade, and is the longest tributary of Choshui River. The most famous scenic attraction in this area is Jinmentong Cliff, which borders Batonggun and the Laonong River, the main tributary of the Gaoping River. Chenyoulan River windsthrough many ravines and emerges into the Choshui River. Its total length is 42 kilometers, and the drainage area is 448 square kilometers. The main inhabitants of the drainage basin are the Bunun Indigenous People.

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