Shinshu University

Shinshu University has five campuses and eight faculties (Arts, Education, Economics and Law, Science, Medicine, Engineering and Agriculture and Textile Science), satellite campuses and distinctive research facilities throughout the naturally rich Nagano prefecture and conducts academic research in a wide area and a wide range of fields.

It has entered into many collaborative agreements with local governments and organizations in Nagano Prefecture and is also actively involved in efforts to solve regional issues, wide-ranging regional collaboration and cooperation with regional industries by making use of the characteristics of university campus-related facilities throughout the prefecture.

As a result, the high degree of contribution to the community is particularly appreciated among the universities in Japan also. We are also continuously making efforts to raise the level of distinctive academic research to the top level in the world.

Hayashi Yasuto

Ph.D. (Academic), Shinshu University Graduate School of Engineering

Kansei informatics, Kansei Engineering Marketing, Branding, Place Branding Cognitive science, Cognitive Psychology Keywords: Psychology, Brand, Regional/Place Brand, Vitalization, Revitalization, Ethical Consumerism, management of community, collaboration, marketing, career management

Katsumata Tatsuo

Ph.D. (Engineering), Tokyo University of Science

Research field Architectural history Town planning Career education Keywords: History of Modern Architecture, Industry, Town Development, Sericulture, Silkworm nursery, Obuse Town, Modernity, Mechanism, Components

Sakamoto Takuma

Cognitive science, cognitive psychology

Career education Social networking Keywords: Psychology, regional revitalization, regional cooperation, career development